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PNB Circular 2012/2

PNB Circular 2016/7

PNB Circular 2016/8

(a) Part-time officer’s base pay is pro-rated based on their average weekly hours.

(b) When an officer reduces their hours they agree to work a flexible shift pattern that provides an average number of hours (their determined hours) that they will be paid for each week.  The actual hours they work in any one week may vary, particularly if the officer is working a variable shift arrangement (VSA).

(c) The general principle is that part-time officers of all ranks are entitled to claim payment at plain time (pensionable) for any additional hours worked on a working day over their determined hours up to 40 hours in the relevant week, unless they choose to take time off in lieu of payment.

(d) The relevant week will be a seven day period commencing at 0700 on Monday of each week.

(e) An officer is eligible for overtime when they have worked over 40 hours in a week.  (NB. It is the average hours of an officer who has reduced their hours which is used to determine the point at which a part-time officer is entitled to be compensated at the overtime rate.) See examples at (i) and (j) below.

(f) Even where the 40 hour threshold has not been reached, officers may still receive compensation at an enhanced rate where they are required to work on a rest day (section 2.5), public holiday (section 2.6) or annual leave day (section 2.7).

(g) Where an officer is entitled to compensation for working on a rest day, public holiday or annual leave day, the actual hours worked will count towards the weekly overtime threshold.

(h) Once the 40 hour threshold is reached, overtime is only payable where the individual does not receive separate compensation as outlined at sections 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7.

(i) Example:  An officer whose determined hours average 30 hours per week (i.e. 0.75 FTE) would have to work an additional 10 hours in a relevant week before they are eligible for overtime. 

(j) Example:  An officer whose determined hours average 24 hours per week (i.e. 0.6 FTE) would have to work an additional 16 hours in the relevant week to reach the 40 hour threshold.  The additional hours worked up to the 40 hour threshold should be compensated at plain time for the purposes of pay, leave, allowances and pension.  The normal hours of overtime apply where an officer works in excess of 40 hours in the relevant week.

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