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Regulation 25

Annex 12

PNB Circular 01/10 & 2017/3

(a) A period of annual leave is defined as a period of leave from duty of 4 or more days, where at least one of those days is a day of annual leave (with the others being either rest days, day taken off in lieu of overtime, public holidays or monthly leave days).

(b) Compensation for annual leave working applies to all ranks from constable to chief superintendent.

(c) A half day or at least 4 hours of leave counts as an annual leave day for the purpose of calculating a qualifying annual leave period and relevant compensation (four days – 1 of which must be an annual leave day and can include TOIL, PH or Rest Days) (See section 3.1(g)).

Required to work on day taken as Annual Leave or TOIL1 day’s annual leave and 1 day’s pay at double time or   2 day’s annual leave.
Required to work on Rest Day1 rest day and 1 day’s pay at double time or 2 rest days.
Required to work on Public HolidaySee section 2.6.  

(d) The above scenarios include situations where an officer is required to be advanced into an annual leave day or is detained into an annual leave day.  Level of notice is irrelevant in these circumstances.

(e) Where an officer is recalled on a day taken as annual leave during a period of fewer than four consecutive days off, which included at least one day of annual leave then they are entitled to one day’s leave for each day taken as annual leave.  In the same circumstances where an officer is recalled on a rest day then compensation will be based on section 2.5.

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