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PNB Circular 10/13

PNB Circular 2019/1

(a) Officers on maternity/adoption leave are entitled to apply for a maximum of 10 Keeping in Touch (KIT) days during their period of maternity leave.  The working of KIT days is not compulsory however must be mutually agreed by the office and the service.  For SPLIT up to 20 days can be worked.

(b) Officers have the flexibility to elect for either payment or time off in lieu if they elect to work a KIT/SPLIT Day.

(c) Where they elect payment they will be paid at the normal rate of maternity leave for hours worked.  In the event that this takes place during the OMP/OAP period, OMP/OAP will not be payable for that day, however the period of OMP/OAP will be extended by one accordingly.

(d) If the constable is in receipt of statutory rates and works a KIT/SPLIT day they will continue to receive statutory rates and be paid at the normal rate for the hours worked.

(e) Where they elect time off in lieu, this must be taken within three months of their return from maternity/adoption leave.

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