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Section 2.7 of the Police Officer Handbook

A period of annual leave is defined as a period of absence from duty of 4 or more days, where at least 1 of those days is a day of annual leave and the other days, if not days of annual leave, are rostered rest days, day taken off in lieu of overtime, public holidays (or days taken off in lieu thereof) or monthly leave days, or any combination thereof.

Required to work on day taken as annual leave or TOILOne day’s annual leave and one day’s pay at double time   or   Two day’s annual leave.
Required to work on rest dayOne rest day and one day’s pay at double time   or   Two rest days.
Required to work on public holidaySee section 2.6.

Key Elements:

  • Applies to all federated and superintending ranks.
  • This compensation cannot be taken as TOIL.
  • The above compensation relates to duty on all days during a period of annual leave i.e. annual leave days, TOIL taken during a period of annual leave, rest days, re-rostered rest days, public holidays, and days in lieu of public holidays.
  • Additional annual leave days cannot be converted to TOIL or re-rostered rest days.
  • A day’s pay to be defined as 8 hours, or the equivalent in respect of officers working alternative shift systems or part-time.
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