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Regulation 14 (4)

Annex 8

(a) Travelling time means time spent travelling to and from that officer’s home and is set at 1.5 hours* for the return journey.

  • Where a split shift is worked, or
  • On a recall to duty, or
  • Where an officer is required to do duty (work) on public holiday or on a rostered rest day and works less than six hours*.

*1.5 hours is reduced where the period of duty and the travelling time totals more than six hours, e.g. if five hours is worked then only one hour travelling time is paid.

(b) Where relevant travelling time applies, it should be the 1.5 hours and not the actual travel time incurred up to the prescribed limit. There must be an additional journey to and from the officers home.  A recall or requirement to work which runs into a normal period of duty does not attract travelling time. 

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