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PNB Circular 85/9

PNB Circular 2017/2

PNB Circular 86/2

Annex 8

The following applies when a rest day is re-rostered for an operational need and officers are subsequently told they are no longer required.

Notice of no longer being requiredOutcome
With more than 7 days’ noticeRest day will be taken with no compensation
With less than 8 days’ noticeThe officer can choose between taking the rest day with no compensation or working*

*the officer must work a minimum of 4 hours and compensation should be in line with the period of notice of the original requirement to work:

  • Less than 8 days’ notice = double time
  • Less than 18 days’ notice = time and a half
  • 18 or more days’ notice = another rest day
  • Double-lock rest day deployment = time and a half

A reinstated rest day will count towards the excessive rest day disruption allowance (see section 4.1). Except where an officer had volunteered to work on a double-lock rest day deployment in the first instance.

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