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Regulation 26
Annex 18

PNB Circular 88/8

PNB Circular 10/2 (amended)

The chief constable may designate officers as essential or casual users. Rates effective from 1 April 2010 as follows:

4.6.1 Essential User – essential to have a car available at all material times – for Essential User Allowance rates (see section 4.12).

4.6.2 Casual User – desirable that a car be available at all material times – for Casual User Rates (see section 4.12).

4.6.3 Non-designated User – sanctioned to use their own cars on specific occasions – for Casual User Rates (see section 4.12).

4.6.4 Alternatives to own car use

The payment of any motor vehicle allowance or rate for any work related journey where the officer is on duty or in circumstances where travelling expenses are payable, shall only be made if the chief constable is satisfied that:

  1. The use of the officer’s own car was in the interests of the efficiency of the service.
  2. There is or was a real business need to travel or if a more appropriate alternative is or was not available, e.g. video or teleconferencing.
  3. Public transport is or was unavailable or inappropriate for the business or operational requirement.
  4. A fleet or pool car could not be or have been used.
  5. A vehicle hire could not be or have been used.

4.6.5 Public Transport Fare  

Where an officer, designated user or not, chooses to use their own car for a journey which the chief constable confirms could and should have been undertaken by another method, then the officer should be reimbursed the cost of the public transport fare only.

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