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The Short-notice Rest Day Working Allowance is provided to inspecting and superintending ranks who are required to work on a rest day with less than 48 hours’ notice of the start time of the required duty and is in addition to the provision of a RRRD.  For the current rate of the allowance (see section 4.12)

The allowance will be payable in the following circumstances:

  • where the officer was required to work on a rest day during a period of on-call, or
  • where the officer was detained on duty into a rest day, or
  • where an officer’s rest day is re-rostered with less than 48 hours’ notice in anticipation of an operational need for which in the event he/she is not required to attend duty but the officer chooses to work on the rest day.

In each of the above instances the officer must work a minimum of 4 hours in order to claim the allowance.

Such a requirement to work on a rest day would also count towards the excessive rest day disruption allowance.

The allowance will not be payable for a specific event or operation where the use of the double-lock rest day mechanism has been agreed.

The implementation date shall be 1 April 2023 with officers receiving payment for any requirement to work on rest day from that date with less than 48 hours’ notice.

The value of the allowance rate shall uplift in line with any subsequent police officer pay award.

The allowance shall not be reckonable for pension purposes.

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