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Annex 16

Leave EligibilityAn officer is entitled to Maternity Support Leave if they are the child’s father or married to or the partner of the expectant mother

The officer must be granted either one or two weeks’ maternity support leave.

Partner means the person who lives with the mother and child in an enduring family relationship but is not a relative of the mother.

Officers with at least 26 weeks’ continuous service leading into the 15th week before the child is due are entitled to two weeks’ of maternity support leave.  Those with less continuous service are entitled to one week maternity support leave.

So far as exigencies of duty permit, a constable who is the nominated carer of the expectant mother may be granted one week of maternity support leave.  

A nominated carer is the person nominated by the mother to assist in the care of the child and to provide support to the mother at or around the time of birth.

Only one constable is entitled to be granted maternity support leave for any given pregnancy.
Maternity Support PeriodAny period of maternity support leave must be completed within 56 days of the child’s birth.
Pay EligibilityThe first week will be paid at full pay for all officers eligible for leave.

Where eligible for a second week’s leave this will be paid at the statutory paternity pay rate.
Notice Required  Notice must be given at least 15 weeks before the expected date of the child’s birth, outlining the length of time and date the leave will commence.

Once approved, any request to change the timing of the leave must be given with 28 days’ notice
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