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PNB Circular 2018/01

Annex 12

(a) Irrespective of the length of the working day all federated ranks will have their annual leave calculated in hours. The days shown in the table below will be multiplied by 8 and the result will be the number of hours leave to which the officer is due.

Length of ServiceEntitlement
Less than 2 years’ relevant service224 hours (28 days)
2 or more years’ relevant service272 hours (34 days)
10 or more years’  relevant service288 hours (36 days)
15 or more years’ relevant service296 hours (37 days)
20 or more years’ relevant service312 hours (39 days)

(b) Superintendents and chief superintendents are entitled to 40 days/320 hours.

(c) Assistant chief constables and above with less than 10 years’ relevant service* are entitled to not less than 42 days/336 hours

(d) Assistant chief constables and above with at least 10 years’ relevant service* are entitled to not less than 48 days/384 hours.

(e) Where an officer is appointed/retires during a leave period, or the leave entitlement changes during that leave period based on length of service or rank, annual leave is calculated at the rate of a twelfth of the period of annual leave entitlement for each completed month at that level of entitlement, a fraction of a day being reckoned as a day.

(f) No more than three days of annual leave can be taken as half days (6).  A half day is four hours.

(g) A half day counts as an annual leave day for the purpose of calculating a qualifying annual leave period and relevant compensation (four days – 1 of which must be an annual leave day and can include TOIL, PH or Rest Days) (See Section 2.7).

(h) For part-time workers their entitlement will be on a pro rata basis.  Where part-time officers work determined hours (up to full-time hours) they will be entitled to payment for the additional apportionment of annual leave.  The entitlement will be compensated as payment retrospectively and, unless the chief constable determines that retrospective payment should take place more than once a year, this payment is required to take place at the end of the relevant year based on their determined hours plus the additional hours worked over their determined hours per week over this period.

(i) Annual leave will be administered to ensure compliance with the Working Time Regulations, and the chief constable may require an officer to take leave on particular dates.

* relevant service for the purpose of ACC annual leave entitlement is service at the rank of superintendent or higher

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