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2.9 TOIL

Regulation 17

Annex 7

PNB Circular 2017/3

(a) A constable or sergeant can, before the expiry of any pay period, elect to be granted TOIL for any overtime/rest day/public holiday worked (part-time officers should consider this section alongside section 2.2).

(b) The chief constable must, subject to exigency of duty and within three months of the end of the week where TOIL was elected, grant the constable time off equal to the period of that overtime, or in line with compensation rules for rest day/public holiday working, during the weeks ending within that period.

(c) The decision to request to take time off rather than receive payment is one for the officer not the service. Time off in lieu of overtime is a direct alternative to payment and if no time off is taken within the three month period mentioned above then payment is made.

(d) Overtime for constables and sergeants is potentially payable (or time off in lieu may be taken) when an officer:

  • works at the end of a tour of duty or rostered shift, or
  • is recalled between two tours of duty or rostered shifts, or
  • has their start time advanced (on or into a working day) without due notice, or
  • has their start time deferred without due notice
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