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Regulation 14

Annex 5

PNB Circular 2017/2

Workforce Agreement

(a) The chief constable must produce duty rosters after consultation with the Joint Central Committee.

(b) A duty roster must show a constable’s rest days, public holidays and start and finish times for each daily period of duty.

(c) There must be an interval of not less than 11 hours between periods of duty.

(d) There must be no more than six consecutive days of work and no more than four consecutive night shifts.

(e) The roster must show the details above for not less than 13 weeks and must be published not later than four weeks before the date on which it starts.

(f) It must show the proposed rest day pattern for a further period of not less than nine months.

(g) Once published no changes shall be made other than for any of the reasons listed in item 1.2a .

(h) Where 28 days’ notice of the start of a new shift pattern (duty roster) is not provided then any alterations to the current duty roster from the date of notification shall be treated as changes to daily rostered duties until such time as the 28 day period of notice elapses and the new duty roster properly commences. 

(i) The requirement to work increased duty hours on working days within that initial 28 day period from notification will be compensated as overtime (or additional hours for part-time officers up to the 40 hour weekly threshold) and the requirement to work on any rest days within that initial 28 day period from notification, will be compensated in line with section 2.5 of this Handbook and the regulations.  For rest days which are 18 or more days’ from the initial date of notification, another rest day will be provided which will then be allocated in line with sections 6.4 of this Handbook and the regulations.

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